The Sky Is The Limit


Welcome to my livejournal; you can find my old graphics here, the new ones are at boldinsanity
my name's danielle. sixteen. massachusetts, u.s. dancer. obsessed with lauren graham. addicted to photoshop. love meeting new people!

fandoms: Gilmore Girls .:. Twilight .:. Narnia .:. Pirates of the Caribbean .:. Harry Potter .:. Saw .:. Lord of the Rings .:. So You Think You Can Dance .:. American Idol .:. Desperate Housewives

actors/actresses: Lauren Graham .:. Robert Pattinson .:. Scott Patterson .:. Ben Barnes .:. Kristen Stewart .:. Alexis Bledel .:. Jared Padalecki .:. Emma Watson .:. Orlando Bloom .:. Cate Blanchett .:. Josh Holloway

music: The Veronicas .:. p!nk .:. David Cook .:. Paramore .:. Evanescence .:. Gia Farrell .:. Carrie Underwood .:. Chris Daughtry .:. Leona Lewis .:. Kelly Clarkson .:. Demi Lovato .:. Ashley Tisdale .:. 3 Doors Down .:. Nickelback

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I don't wanna be the girl that has to fill the silence,
the quiet scares me 'cause it screams the truth...

-- p!nk ~ Sober